• Fabric Testing

    UV Ageing, tear & shear testing
    50degC or Heated to +80degC

  • All Elements

    Water & UV repellent
    High tensile & Heat reflective

  • 5 Year Warranty

    Fully Warranted
    Webbing load-tested

  • Fast to Fit

    Available in up to 16 Colours
    Non-Abrasive, Delrin/Acetal fittings

Welcome to Air Covers

Home of world’s most advanced helicopter & UAV covers

Our products are tried, tested & trusted on 7 continents and 5 oceans, providing fitted environmental protection for the the aerospace industry. All of our covers are hand patterned and digitally modeled using 21stC technical fabrics for the most extreme environments, where spectral camouflage, thermal protection and heat repellent properties are essential

Parapublic & Civil

For Aircraft and Crews operating in remote areas, on 60sec readiness or contracted to operate from an unhangared base. Working with the user’s ground support requirements we protect airframes, cameras, gearing, avionics and sensors.


On deployed operations worldwide, our helicopter covers are fast-to-fit and provide optimum safe protection in all environments. The world’s best fitted protective covers for thermal mitigation, humidity control, anti-icing and physical shielding.


For all aircraft - new or vintage, piston or turbine, Air Covers has over 1000 designs on file. Covers are designed to be fitted quickly and safely. Reducing maintenance costs and increasing aircraft availability.

Offshore & Yacht

Aircraft availability is increased and maintenance costs are reduced. Air Covers understand the need for premium design and appearance that does not compromise the best aircraft protection available today.